Online Bingo Winning Strategies

  • Jan 23, 2021

Bingo game is among the top casino games that enjoy the preference of a majority of punters across the globe. The game has a long history and senior citizens and children alike have, at some point, enjoyed playing it. This online casino continues to lure thousands of punters for a breath-taking game of bingo. It is a great social game and with a good understanding of excellent strategies, a player can boost their chances of winning great bingo prizes. Visit for more insight.


What are the Online Bingo Tactics and Strategies to Help a Player Win at Bingo?

There are various gaming basics that when you master and apply strictly, you can almost be sure of winning big at bingo. The initial tacts revolve around knowing the right steps towards becoming a bingo winning whiz kid. The five simple steps involve: choosing your gaming site wisely; choosing to play at times when there are fewer players; getting multiple cards; setting a limit; and making friends, learning and sharing. Bingo is a game of sheer luck and you might just be the one to hit that coveted jackpot.

Upon mastering these steps that count, you must develop a good understanding of the two mathematical strategies that apply to bingo game playing. The numbers at bingo are drawn randomly any time you play bingo. This applies to all the cases, whether it is a 90-ball, 75-ball, or any other bingo variant. A random number generator makes this concept achievable in online bingo. To a greater extent, there have been studies on the role of probability in online bingo gaming. This has since led to two interesting bingo strategies namely:

  • Tippet bingo strategy
  • Granville's bingo strategy

What is Tippet Bingo Strategy

Tippet bingo strategy is a less adopted strategy created by Tippet, a British statistician. The main purpose behind its creation was to help improve the odds at winning at bingo casino. Upon much analysis of probabilities and statistics, the statistician came to the suggestion that the longer a 75-ball bingo game is, the higher the chances that the drawn bingo balls are closer to 38 which is the medium number. Accordingly, the numbers drawn will are most likely to be closer to 1 and 75 for a shorter game.

What is Granville's bingo strategy?

Granville's bingo strategy is among the most popular casino gaming strategies that most bingo punters opt for. It gained popularity to the extent that even the stock market analysis specialists adopted it in predicting the price movements. This theory basically insists on basic bingo card check rules in a bid to increase a player's chances of winning. The check rules include: having an equal number ending with 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8, and 9; having an equal number of odd and even numbers; and having an equal number of low and high numbers.

Does Online Bingo Have Bonuses That You Can Take Advantage of?

Online bingo is available on many sites and as such, you should never limit your choice. One major advantage that you will get when playing on various bingo sites is a juicy welcome bonus that, as a new player, you can take advantage of. The bonuses will not only boost your bankroll but also present you with more chances to play and win. It is upon you to join different bingo sites and fully benefit from these offers that are up for grabs.

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